Used CNG Compression skid 150 SCFM (1.2 GGE A MIN) 75HP

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Used CNG Compression skid 150 SCFM (1.2 GGE A MIN) 75HP

For sale used CNG compression skid on the trailer ready to plug and play.

This is a trailer-based used CNG compression skid with 75HP electric motor that will plug into 30 psi inlet pressure, and deliver 150 scfm (1.2 GGE a minute) at 4000 psi. To operate this trailer you will need a 3 phase electrical line at 480 Volts.  This trailer was manufactured by IMW in 1998 and currently have little over 3000 hours on it. We know the CNG service tech that has serviced this unit from its birth and he stated that the unit had only 2000 hours put on in until 2017. The remaining over 1000 hours were put the last year of operation.

The unit was fully functioning and operational when it was taken out of the service in August 2018, to be replaced with a larger unit. We have been told that the unit runs strong and other than flickering of one of the LCD screens there are no known problems. The used CNG compressor package will be sold AS IS with no warranty. The owner can accommodate pre-purchase inspections and he is glad to provide all service and maintenance records available.

This CNG compression skid can be easily deployed in public or private CNG fueling station set up to provide CNG fueling for a small to mid size fleet. Mobilization and commissioning should be fairly simple compare to other solutions available out there. As you may have noticed from the pictures the unit also has a priority panel and it can be connected with storage and dispensing equipment without a need for another priority panel. All of the sequencing can be done at the unit allowing you to deploy simpler and cheaper (dumb) dispensers.

Selling price is $50,000 in Alabama.

The unit can be picked up with your trailer or it can come with the trailer it sits on right now. For a long-distance trip the trailer will require new tire, breaks, lights (roughly estimated at under $3K)


More Technical details:

Unit Model: IMW 50SA / 75L 4 – 4100

Manufactured in  1998

Serial NO: 8164

Inlet (suction) pressure: 30 psi

Discharge Pressure: 4100 psi

Flow Rate: 150 SCFM

Speed: 670 RPM


Cylinder 1st: 6.25″
Cylinder 2nd: 3.5″
Cylinder 3rd: 2.5″
Bore 4th: 1.25″
Stroke: 5″


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