CNG Home Refueling Station

CNG Home Refueling Station

An idea of a reliable and inexpensive CNG home refueling station to fuel a vehicle with CNG overnight, while an owner is asleep, has been entertained for some time now.  Several declarations by well-recognized brands including General Electric and Whirlpool were made to produce a CNG home fueling unit for under $500. In addition, at least two universities have received substantial grant funding to bring this ambitious and worthy goal into reality.

Unfortunately, even after years of hype and massive publicity we have yet to see a reliable and inexpensive CNG home refueling station.

At we believe, unfortunately, that it will be practically impossible to produce a truly reliable CNG home refueling station for such a low price.  People in the CNG industry know that $500 will not even cover a portion of the cost for dependable components required to be used. Just as you cannot expect to purchase a dependable, good looking automobile for under $5,000; you should not anticipate a CNG home refueling station from a well recognized manufacturer for under $500.  Do not hold your breath to see one produced any time soon.

As a matter of fact, both GE and Whirlpool made announcements at 2013 ACT Expo clarifying that their projects are in the very early research and development stages.  They clearly had no answers to various questions on potential completion release year, distribution channels, nor on anticipated GGE per hour designs, etc. The latest 2018 ACT Expo still shows no inexpensive CNG home fueling system available.

cng home refueling station

cng home refueling station

However, the market for a CNG home refueling unit is still very strong. More than half of U.S. homes – some 60 million – are already equipped with a natural gas line.  With low CNG prices accompanied by the ever raising number of OEMs and conversion options, it is an extremely appropriate and valuable proposition to switch to CNG.  Fuel your vehicle at a comfort of your house for only a small portion of what you would pay at a gasoline station has been a goal for many and making that goal become a reality is a very lucrative industry aim.

It seems that the only feasible option to get a reliable CNG home refueling unit today would be to forget about waiting for this $500 unit and instead find a solution offered at a higher price by a boutique manufacture. If it was only that easy!

At we have spent years searching for a reliable CNG home refueling station with strong production output (GGE/h), an expectation of reliability, an aesthetically pleasing design and with a reasonable price tag. We have tested half a dozen different units produced by well-recognized manufacturers from Europe, China, South America and New Zealand.  Each was only to be disappointment with a failure within the first 6 months of daily use.

The reason for these failures probably rests on the fact that most of the world works on 3000 psi pressure while the US standards call for 3600 psi pressure.  Unfortunately, you cannot just upgrade a perfectly working, lower pressure CNG system with higher pressure rated components and expect everything to work with the same volume, temperature and reliability.

At CNGCenter, we would discourage anybody from going to online shopping sites (, to purchase foreign-built solutions unless its offered by a well established US distributor who provides a solid warranty for products they sell for your protection.

BRC Fuelmaker is considered to be the most recognized solution for CNG home refueling station, but at 0.6 GGE per hour level and relatively high price point, this CNG home fueling station is not all that and more advanced products are expected to be introduced into the near future market.

There are promising “made in America” technologies within the CNG home refueling station market that are about to become introduced for mass production. Intrigued by per hour performance claims and attractive pricing, we have been patiently waiting to get into our testing facility to ensure they work as they should.

We will update the status of each one of these products on our website as information becomes available.

Meanwhile feel free to review the home refueling station section (and the rest) of our website. Please make sure you add your contact information so we can update you about the new home cng fueling stations options as they become available.

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Last Update: June 2018

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