CNG Equipment

The CNG refueling industry consists of numerous companies that produce CNG equipment as well as design and install a wide variety of non-standardized, application-specific refueling systems. Several CNG equipment manufactures claims to have one solution fits all, but virtually all CNG stations are custom built to match site parameters.

CNG Center helps our clients to understand options that best address your CNG fueling needs.  Our broad industry relationships with a wide range of CNG fueling equipment manufactures enable us to develop comprehensive recommendations for reliable gas compression, storage, and dispensing solutions to our clients.

The level of refueling equipment and design of your CNG fueling station will depend on the following criteria:

  • Nat gas supply availability

    cng equipment

    cng equipment

  • Available electrical supply

  • Nat gas inlet pressure and flow

  • Distance from inlet meter to CNG station

  • Initial number of CNG vehicles to be fueled

  • Long term number of CNG vehicles to be fueled

  • Types of CNG vehicle

  • Average gallons of fuel consumed per day per vehicle

  • Fueling window requirements

  • Total gallons (DGE or GGE) required per day

  • Fuel System access to be public, private or both

  • Fuel dispensing to be Time Fill, Fast Fill or both

  • Permitting and regulatory requirements

  • Budget constrains

CNG Center can assist in choosing CNG equipment for stations range from single-hose time-fill facilities to very complex fast-fill stations that fuel hundreds of vehicles per day with thousands of “gasoline gallon equivalents” (GGE) of CNG. The most important factor in achieving long-term success with CNG stations (good performance, low life-cycle costs, and high customer satisfaction) – especially as they increase in complexity and cost — is choosing the right CNG Equipment as well as right company to oversee station design, packaging, installation, and long-term servicing.

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