CNG Services

About CNG Center

Logoprovides customers with access to the most reliable, cost effective and technologically advanced equipment options available for CNG fast filling and slow fueling for vehicles operated on natural gas. Having relationships with a number of the US and international natural gas fueling equipment manufactures allows CNG Center to offer our clients the latest and greatest technologies in regards to : CNG compressors, CNG Dryers, CNG Storage, CNG operated dispensers with recommendations for expert installation and service.

What Equipment Do I Need?

PuzzledChoicesAnswer few simple questions and learn what level of equipment will be ideal for your project. We can make few recommendations for you as well. 5 minutes will give you a full picture CNG Station Questionnaire

If you are a fleet manager looking to build  a CNG fueling infrastructure we suggest you to fill the full version of the form so that we can evaluate all of the options and present you with the best value solution tailored  for you exact needs. Full CNG Station Questionnaire for Fleet Managers

CNG Station Right Equipment Selection

CNG Center provides customers with access to the most reliable, cost effective and technologically advanced equipment options available for CNG gas stations to fuel Natural Gas Vehicles. Having relationships with all of the recognized natural gas fueling manufactures allows us to offer latest and greatest technologies in regards to: CNG compressors, CNG Dryers, CNG Storage, CNG operated dispensers with expert installation and service

We provide our clients with the highest level of value by eliminating confusion and navigating our clients through numerous options in CNG equipment to build and operate a successful CNG Station that will give you maximum ROI.

CNG Fill Station Installation will assist you with finding the right CNG engineering and construction staff capable to built a variety of CNG stations around the country, including everything from sites designed for small business, modest corporate, and municipal fleets to large-scale transit operations. Whether your company wants to switch to clean, affordable CNG fuel or build a CNG station for an existing fleet, we can help to find the right partner for you to finish your CNG station on time and on budget.  So if you are interested in Natural gas fueling infrastructure development please contact us.

When it comes to designing and constructing a new CNG station, we got everything covered. There are several highly qualified design construction firms that can handle all of your CNG Fill Station design and construction process from A to Z. Based on what type of the organization you are: private or public, your CNG fueling needs, geographical location and preferences we can introduce you to the right partner.

CNG Fueling Commitment Development

CNG fueling commitment is the most important factor to make or break your public CNG fueling station project. Whether you are planning on building the station for your private fleet with option of future expansion or planning to offer a public access we can help you to properly asses your surrounding area and estimate the potential CNG fueling commitment development for your site. In many places in the US the profit margins for CNG offered for retail sale has been over $1 per GGE.  This alone may offer your business incredible revenue opportunities in addition to the fuel savings for you own fleet.

By combining an extensive research of your local area with available CNG replacement and conversion options will provide you with a full picture of how many clients may be available in the area to fill at your CNG station.

CNG Station Maintenance

You can have a 24 hour assistance for your private or public CNG station for maintenance and repairs. will assist you with finding the right technician specializing in service and repair of the type of the equipment installed at your facility.

CNG Station Financing and Equipment Leasing

CNG Center has partners standing ready to finance your CNG fueling station project or CNG Fueling Equipment. By providing customers get affordable financing options those financial institutions can help commercial and municipal customers contribute to a better environment in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.

CNG Co-branding and Operation

Many of the government organizations, municipalities and School districts can form a partnerships enabling them to successfully build, manage and operate CNG stations. CNG Center can introduce you with financial, and operational partners that can help you to implement your project fast and effectively.