Used CNG Equipment

used cng equipmentIf you’re looking for a discounted CNG Equipment including a used CNG compressor with a more affordable price tag, we’d like to help you find exactly what you need. CNG Center strives to provide our customers with cost-effective solutions. As an alternative option, we purchase and many times refurbish high quality used CNG compression equipment. Used refurbished CNG equipment can also be tested and certified to the highest standards using third-party inspectors if required.

CNG Center Buys, Brokers, Sells, and Rents New and Used CNG Equipment.  We also pick up and dismantle. We have partnerships all across the US making us one of the largest Volume Buyers/distributors of Used/Surplus CNG Equipment in the U.S.

Buy Pre-owned CNG Equipment

Please review the list of available for sale CNG fueling equipment:

TypeDescriptionList DayStatus
CompressorUsed ASFC CNG Compressor (inlet 2-5 psi) producing 11-13 GGE per hour2018/06/21SOLD
ASME StorageUsed CNG Spheres - 3 bank system – 48 inch 5500 psi – Skid based2018/06/20SOLD
ASME StorageOne Used CNG Sphere – ASME 48 inch 5500 psi2018/06/20SOLD
ASME StorageUsed CNG Storage Vessels, ASME Ground Storage Two 3-Pack 23 Foot Long2018/01/07SOLD
ASME StorageUsed CNG Spheres, 48 inch diameter, 5000 psi rating, good for 200+ years2016/05/16SOLD
Complete StationComplete CNG fueling station engineered, constructed in 2011 and maintained by JW (Operational)2014/09/29SOLD
CNG CompressorANGI NG300E CNG Compressor for sale (125HP up to 2.24 GGE a minute) Brand new but offered for sale as used2016/10/15SOLD
CNG Compressor4 Stage CNG Compressor (Inlet 20-40 PSI) - 10 GGE an hour2014/04/23SOLD
CNG CompressorSmall Business CNG Fueling station solution: 7 GGE an hour compressor, 2 time fill posts, 1 48 inch sphere.2014/01/05SOLD
Station + Auto CylCNG Fueling Station Equipment and 60 used Steel CNG Storage Cylinders2013/08/07SOLD
ASME CNG StorageOne Used CNG Sphere - ASME 48 inch 5000 psi2018/07/14SOLD
ASME CNG StorageOne Used CNG Sphere - ASME 48 inch 4500 psi2018/07/13AVAILABLE
CNG CompressorAriel JGA-4 / CAT G3408TA CNG Compressor Pkg - Nat Gas Driven - 5.4 GGE per Min2018/08/10AVAILABLE
CNG CompressorAriel CNG Compressor package (Ariel JGP/2 - 4 Stage - Nat Gas Driven CAT G3306NA2018/08/10AVAILABLE
CNG CompressorCNG Ariel Compressor JGP 3 stage - CAT G3306 Nat Gas Engine Drive2018/08/10AVAILABLE
CNG DryerXebec CNG Dryer - 600 HRBNGX2018/08/11AVAILABLE
CNG DryerTwin Tower CNG Dryer for large CNG station (flow 4000 scfm)2018/08/11AVAILABLE
Mobile CNG CompressorUsed Mobile IMW CNG Compression skid 150 SCFM (1.2 GGE A MIN) 75HP2018/09/05AVAILABLE
Mobile CNG StationUsed Mobile CNG Fueling Station 30 GGE/H with 126 GGE Storage and 2 hoses2018/11/14AVAILABLE
Mobile CNG CompressorSmall Portable CNG Compressor - 7 GGE/H - Natural Gas Driven2018/11/15AVAILABLE
CNG Compressor2 Brand New 2018 250HP CNG Compressors - 4.2 GGE/M- Electric Drive - URGENT2018/12/19SOLD
CNG StorageUsed 3-pack CNG Storage Vessels, ASME 5500psi 23 Foot Long2019/07/15SOLD
CNG CompressorANGI NG50E Compressor 50HP up to 75SCFM (NEW 15 hours only)2019/12/29SOLD
CNG DispenserUsed Two-Sided CNG Dispenser - 3600 psi2020/01/26AVAILABLE
ASME CNG StorageUsed CNG Storage 3-pack rated to 5500 psi with good PRDs2020/12/15AVAILABLE
ASME CNG StorageUsed CNG Vessels 3-Pack 24x20x9 rated to 4000 psi2023/01/20AVAILABLE

We Buy/Sell/Rent Used and Reconditioned CNG compressors, CNG storage vessels,  as well as complete packages. But, we are a lot more than simply a purveyor used CNG equipment provider. Our experienced staff is capable of adding tremendous value to the proposition of used vs. new. We can liaison with your engineering, procurement, and production groups to provide complete process systems, consisting of a combination of used, and when desired or necessary, new components. Like our inventory, our experience is also varied. Our team is steeped in production operations, process equipment package design,  ASME code and NFPA52 compliance, structural fabrication, and stationary/mobile CNG fueling station logistics. We know what it takes to get it in service, in compliance, and operating on your location, be it remote, land, or offshore platform.

We are here to serve you, our customers. If there is something you do not find on our site, call us or e-mail us to see how we can assist you in your search.

Sell Your CNG Equipment Through Us

With over 3000 organic searches each month for CNG fueling equipment can be a perfect partner to provide the product/item/lot exposure you are looking for.

Your Options for Selling CNG Equipment
CNG Center offers two options for selling your surplus or used CNG Fueling equipment.

Display ads with photos cost as low as $300 per item. Placing an ad is fast and simple. Email if you are interested in placing a display ad.

Brokerage Listing
If you prefer not to handle the sales process, CNG Center can handle the sale for you. We will promote your used CNG equipment on our English, Spanish, and Russian language websites. We will also design targeted marketing campaigns using our extensive database of potential CNG equipment buyers. And our trained staff will be ready to arrange value-added services including inspection, refurbishment, import/export logistics, delivery, and installation. Our commission rates follow:

Transaction Value Brokerage Commission

Over But not over Fee + %
of the amount
$0 $100,000 $0 + 15%
$100,001 $200,000 $7,500 + 13%
$200,001 $1,000,000 $12,500 + 12%
$1,000,001 no limit $44,500 + 10%

Please do not become a victim and DO NOT BUY from an unreliable source

Contact George at CNG Center at to list your CNG fueling equipment.