Used CNG Vessels – ASME 3-Packs, Rated 4000 psi 24 foot long

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Used CNG Vessels – ASME 3-Packs, Rated 4000 psi 24 foot long

You are looking at CPIndustries ASME used CNG storage vessels rated at 4000 PSI MAWP. This is a 24-foot long 3-pack that has been the most commonly used in high-volume CNG fueling station development. This 3-pack CNG tube was retired as a part of the fully operational CNG Stations around April 2022 and does not have any physical or cosmetic damage. All of the bottles are in great shape and show minimal wear (small rust spots). They can be easily restored to their original condition by treating a few rusty spots and applying a couple of layers of 2-stage epoxy paint.

All cylinders are gas freed and were nitrogen purged per NG and AGA purge procedures around 6/25/20). They both are ready for transportation and have been verified CNG-free. Dimensions: 24′ L X 20″ D X 9’ H


Storage Type: Forged Seamless Tubes Div 1 Rated 4000 PSIG
MAWP: 3000 PSI
Storage Manufacturer: CPI
Number of Tanks: 3
Vessel Serial Numbers: 44465 (Top), 44469 (Middle), 44470 (Bottom)
Storage Vessel Diameter: 24″
Storage Vessel Length: 20′
Storage Pressure Rating: 4000 psig

The seamless steel pressure vessels for stationary ground storage applications are designed and constructed in accordance with the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code for unfired pressure vessels, Section VIII, Division 1 (including Appendix 22), Division 2 and Division 3. The majority of the U.S. States have laws requiring the use of pressure vessels designed to the ASME Code for stationary storage applications. For More info and chart relating to ASME seamless pressure vessels visit CPIndustries website

Those used CNG storage vessels have no damage, just normal wear and tear due to weather exposure (small rust spots). With an approximate lifespan of 295 years, those CNG vessels still have plenty of life left in them.

We have two (2) 3-packs available at this time. Both of the CNG vessel packs can be sold together or separately.

The used CNG vessels are sold AS-IS. There are no PRDs on these vessels as they were removed and retained by the original owner. We can recertify the vessels with appropriate size and pressure PRDs (new or used) for an extra charge. For a small fee, ASME vessels can be covered with a brand-new layer of protective coating giving them a refreshed look.

The used CNG vessels are located in Dallas, TX, and are ready to be shipped ASAP. We can do all required shipping arrangements within the continental USA or worldwide out of the port of Houston, TX for your convenience. We can also provide required cut sheets, brochures, and any support information to the buyer per request.

Sale Price: $35,500 for 3000 psi 3-Pack.

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