Brand New 2018 250HP CNG Compressor – 4.2 GGE/M- Electric Drive – 40% OFF For A Quick Sale

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Brand New 2018 250HP CNG Compressor – 4.2 GGE/M- Electric Drive – 40% OFF For A Quick Sale

For sale brand new 250HP CNG Compressor manufactured in March 2018 with manufacture warranty – ready to plug and play.
Quantity – 2 (Identical units)

This is one of those unique opportunities that come along once in a while to get a brand new/never been used CNG Compressor for a fraction of its worth. Those units were built for a project that has not realized itself and 250HP CNG compressors can now be acquired at a significant discount of $105,000 per unit. Compressors priced at $185,000 OBO per unit for a quick sale! So contact us quickly and save a lot of money on your next CNG project.

MSRP is $290,000 per unit. Now CNG compressors are available for sale at $185,000! 

Two Brand New 250HP CNG Compressors Available for Immediate Shipping. Both are located at a storage facility in Abilene, Texas

  • Driven by 250HP electric motor
  • 15-45 psig inlet pressure
  • 540 scfm peak performance
  • Plug-&-play design
  • Integrated controls and starter
  • Integrated priority panel
  • Web-based remote monitoring
  • Build in the USA and meet BUY AMERICA STANDARDS

250HP CNG Compressor is ideal for:

  • Public Stations
  • Private Stations
  • Public/Private Stations
  • Fast-Fill
  • Time-Fill
  • Combination Time/Fast-Fill

Standard Features:

Controls and starter panel are built into the enclosure in a separate room meeting all of the required codes and standards.
Benefit: Simpler and lower cost installation less potential for failures, faster startup.

Priority panel, time-fill panel and pressure reducer (when necessary) are built into the enclosure.
Benefit: This feature results in substation lower cost when compared to stand alone in addition to reducing installation complexity and cost. It also reduces future maintenance cost.

The compressors feature non-lubricated cylinders. The lubrication system only provides lubrication to crankshaft bearings, crank pins, cross head pin and cross head guides. The piston rings and packing rings are not lubricated.
Benefit: Lower oil consumption, limited oil carryover – lower system and vehicle maintenance cost.

The motor coupling is achieved with a rigid, self-aligning direct coupling.
Benefit: No power loss, no maintenance – better efficiency, lower operating cost

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Brochure  BWEN_SAFE_250_HP_Brochure_V4_Web.01
Spec Sheet CNG Units 250 HP Spec Sheet

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