Used Mobile CNG Fueling Station

Posted by on Nov 14, 2018 in Used CNG Equipment

Used Mobile CNG Fueling Station

For sale used CNG fueling station (compression skid on the trailer) ready to plug and play.

This is a unique opportunity to own mobile CNG fueling trailer with compression, storage and two hoses.
Practically everything you need to get in a fast-fill CNG business and fuel your small to mid-size fleet.
Fuel your fleet directly or replenish your CNG storage from this mobile CNG fueling trailer at the rate of 0.5 GGE a minute. (30 GGE ah hour)

Easy set up – just connect power source & natural gas supply. Can be utilized with a generator or direct power source (460V 3 phase). Will work of 0.5 – 5.0 regulated inlet gas pressure.

The Mobile CNG Fueling Station on the Skid comes with the following:

  • Station setup on a full length custom built 30′ trailer.
  • On skid PLC (programmable) controller.
  • L&M PE-50 Compressor is a multi-stage, air-cooled reciprocating machine which is belt driven by an induction motor, rated at 60 CFM with 0.5 – 5.0 regulated inlet pressure (includes operators manual).
  • (40) DOT CNG Storage Cylinders in 3 banks with approx. 16,000 cf total CNG storage @ 3600 psi. This is about 126 GGE of fast fill storage included on this trailer.
  • Temperature compensated Dome Load for time fill.
  • Also equipped with: Emergency Shut Down (ESD) system.
  • Inlet desiccant dryer.
  • Time fill and fast fill discharge filter assembly with ESD solenoids.
  • Code compliant signage.

The Mobile CNG Fueling Station has 1,247 total hrs run time.
The compressor was recalled by manufacturer & replaced. It has 717 hrs run time.

(1) time fill post
(2) fast fill post
Metered fill post provides: Private fuel management system for up to 120 users
Key fob or 4 digit pin for users
Software for fuel management system for CPU.

The Mobile CNG Fueling Station was fully functioning and operational when it was last used in July 2018. The used CNG compressor package will be sold AS IS with no warranty. The owner can accommodate pre-purchase inspections and he is glad to provide all service and maintenance records available.

This CNG compression skid can be easily deployed in public or private CNG fueling station set up to provide CNG fueling for a small to mid size fleet. Mobilization and commissioning should be fairly simple compare to other solutions available out there.

Selling price is $150,000 in Oklahoma. (The original price for this trailer just a couple of years ago was over $260,000)

The Mobile CNG Fueling Station can be picked up with a dully truck with a goose neck right now. No need for Heavy duty equipment or special CDL license to transport. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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