What can help your CNG facility maintenance program

Posted by on May 16, 2013 in Tips

What can help your CNG facility maintenance program

Here is a list of three tools that could help you with your station maintenance. Maybe you don’t need all of them but maybe one of these would prove helpful.

Vibration Analysis – All rotating and reciprocating compressors have a normal vibration pattern that can be analyzed. But sampling the vibration of a piece of equipment we can compare and trend the results. Vibration analysis can detect many problems long before equipment fails.

Thermographic Analysis – infrared images of mechanical or electrical equipment will often identify hot or cold spots that are indictive of problems. We have a hand held device that we use not only on compressors but also on boilers that we service.

Lube Oil Analysis – We all know that mechanical equipment wears with each revolution. By analyzing a sample of the lube oil we can often determine and correct abnormal wear before it becomes a catastrophic failure. Emission Spectrometric Analysis, Partical Count Analysis and Ferrographic Analysis can determine the type and source of the wear.