Used CNG fueling station – complete CNG package for sale

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Used CNG fueling station – complete CNG package for sale

This used CNG fueling station equipment was commissioned in March 2011  is now for sale. The station was engineered, constructed and maintained by JW Operating Company. Due to a lack of volume the station was recently closed and equipment is now offered for resale. The compressors and storage vessels are skid mounted and ready for relocation. This is an operating turnkey station easily moved and ready for fueling.

The compressor package consists of (1) 250 horsepower screw compressor followed by (1) 100 horsepower reciprocating compressor. (skid is about 66,000 pounds and  15×30) This package is designed for low residential gas supply pressure ratings and is capable of discharging at 4,500 psi to the storage vessel skid at ~340 scfm.

The CNG compressor skid includes heat exchange coolers, high efficiency motors, and all the necessary electrical control panels.
The storage vessel skid includes (3) 80 gallon spheres functioning as a low-, medium-, and high-load bank. The compression skid weights about 30,000 pounds and approximately 15×12 in size.

The dispenser is a twin-hose Greenfield dispenser with built in card reader and receipt printer discharging at 3,600 psi.
The gas dryer is a single-tower skid mounted semi-automatic regeneration system designed by Xebec.


Details regarding the used CNG fueling station equipment offered for sale are included below:

  • Compressor Skid

o   J-W EA-100-3 CNG Compressor (100 hp) 1800 RPM 460 VAC motor

o   Motor Starters

o   Hazardous Area Separation Wall to house electrical disconnects, motor starter, and other NFPA protected items

o   5 hp air compressor coupled for instrument & purge air

o   Ariel JGP/2 compressor and (1) 250 hp electric driven Gardner Denver screw compressor

o   AXH air cooler

o   Murphy Controls

o   Allen Bradley Micrologix 1400 annunciator

o   Red Lion 5.7” Color Touchscreen G306A000 (include Ethernet connectivity capabilities and monitoring/data logging capability)

  • J-W Triple 48” Storage Sphere Package 5500 MAWP (81 GGE each), ESD valves & filters

o   Priority Panel (mounted on storage skid)

  • (1) Greenfield Twin Hose Dispenser with card reader (Gilbarco PCI Compliant Keypad)
  • (1) Xebec Gas Dryer rated for 300 MAWP
  • Steel Engineered Roof – Engineered for Cooler System (L58” x W15’ x H16’)
  • Ruby Sapphire Pump Control Cash Register (PCI Compliant & Gilbarco Interface)
  • 400 amp Electrical Service Panel and CT Can

The complete equipment package was purchased for over $640,000 in 2011. The equipment has minimal wear ( compression of under 4000 GGE per month)  and has been serviced according to manufacture schedule. The last scheduled service was done in April 2014.

This is a ready to go, complete Plug and Play used CNG fueling station solution and we would like to sell it this way, if possible.

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used cng dispenser

used cng dispenser


used cng equipment

used cng equipment