Used CNG Compressor for sale 125HP

Posted by on Oct 28, 2014 in Used CNG Equipment

Used CNG Compressor for sale 125HP

For sale never been used, brand new ANGI NG300E Compressor sold as Used CNG Compressor.  This unit has been sitting in a warehouse to be installed in a field for 3 years+.  Because of that fact we will be featuring this brand new compressor with “0” hours as a used CNG Compressor. There will be no manufacture warranty provided on this unit. This used CNG Compressor is sold AS IS.

For additional $8000 the unit can be shipped back to the manufacture, retested, and certified to be in perfectly working order at the ANGI factory.

Used CNG Compressor for sale Details:

Motor: 125 BHP (1800 rpm electric motor)
Compressor: Ariel JGP-2; 4-stage
Suction Design: 15-35 psig
Discharge Design: 4,500 psig
Flow: 154-280 scfm from 15-35 psig (1.23 – 2.24 GGE/min)

This unit was purchased by a major oil company some 3 years ago and have never left their warehouse. It is a brand new, in a crate,  unit that did not get a chance to get used in any way.

The retail price for this unit is $230,000.

Asking price is $165,000

Unlike many other compressors this brand new compressor available for purchase and delivery right away with no 12-20 weeks waiting period.

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