Galileo Nanobox CNG Station

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Galileo Nanobox CNG Station

Plug-and-Play Galileo Nanobox CNG station, specifically designed for private NGV fleet and small CNG filling stations. This equipment provides a convenient and attractive solution for the needs of this market. The package integrates compression, storage and a complete CNG dispenser in a single unit. Nanobox covers a wide range of inlet pressures. There are also options with remote dispatch (not incorporated in the Nanobox).

Nanobox® is an integral solution that allows compressing, storing and dispatching CNG with a single unit. aaa

CNG station using Nanobox

CNG station using Nanobox

CNG nanobox dimensions

Main Components of CNG Nanobox :

Compressor aspiration Blow Down Tank
Inlet Gas Filter with replaceable element. Galileo’s NX compressor
Single Electric Driver for compressor and cooling Fan
Computerized control panel to control and operate unit. Ethernet connection for remote monitoring and control. lnterstage air refrigerated gas coolers
lnterstage safety relief valves and on discharge line
Explosion proof cabin,with door lock system,ensures safe operation. Emergency shutdown system
Gas Inlet/outlet, oil and ambient temperature transmitters
Gas Inlet/outlet,and oil pressure transmitters. Pressure relief valve valves on the discharge line. Coalescing Filter on discharge line
Internal Storage and priority filling system
Up to two refilling hoses with mass mater and NGV1 Type nozzle (Optional)

NANOBOX advantages:

High return on Investment
Fast, easy and low cost installation
Minimum space requirement
Quick load ,simple low cost, preventive maintenance
Touch-screen control panel and modem data transmission
Safe and reliable operation
Simple to operate and control
Refill of 30 to 250 vehicles per day
Register and internet-transmission of commercial
technical and audit data

For video of Galileo Success click here

Pictures of Nanobox installed at City of Tyler, Texas , Video of Galileo Nanobox in PA 
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