Galileo Microbox CNG

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Galileo Microbox CNG
CNG Microbox Galileo

Galileo Microbox

Microbox CNG fueling solution provided by Galileo is one of the world’s most recognized and heavily used solution for CNG fueling stations. The Core Compression System is the corner stone of a Galileo Microbox CNG station. It combines all the virtues of our MX compressor line with Galileo’s integration technology and experience. The core is our simplest and most economic solution to CNG needs and allows different solutions for different requirements. The Core is the basic piece on which a modular system can be built. It allows you to seamlessly integrate any of our modules according to your needs. This way our clients can start from most reliable and simplest configuration and can later upgrade it as required to include the most sophisticated options that only Galileo offers.

Galileo’s Core Compression system can be seamlessly upgraded all the way to a Microbox by adding a Microbox Armoured Cabin. This allows us to integrate storage, electric and control board, regulating and metering station in a single plug&play unit. The Microbox is Galileo’s top-of-the-line fully integrated compression system for CNG Stations.

Microbox is our original and exclusive line of “Plug-and-Play” CNG refueling stations.

These enclosed, explosion proof modules, save major construction costs and delays, characteristic of other designs. Start up of these units, only requires connection to utility services.

MicroboxCNGThe compact design, portability and simple reconnection, facilitate eventual expansion, relocation and financing of this equipment.

Galileo Microbox CNG contains all components required to regulate, measure, compress and deliver CNG to the dispensers in the safest and most effective manner. Performance, efficiency, reliability and ease of operation are unmatched in the industry.

MICROBOX CNG includes:

Galileo Microbox

Electric Driver
Explosion-proof compressor enclosure
Gas inlet Measuring System
Suction Blow-down
Touch-screen control panel and modem data transmission
CNG Storage Rack
Priority Filling Sequence
Gas detection and shut-off
Fire detection and extinction


MX compressors CNGMX Compressors CNG
The MX’s are Galileo’s mid to large sized compressors. Rugged, reliable and efficient, they are the outcome of over 20 years of experience and millions of hours of operation in natural gas compression. The broadest range of options is available. Configurations go from 2 to 6 strokes, powers ranging from 75 to 600kW, inlet pressure as low as 0.01 BarG and as high as 22000 Sm3/h