First step to build reliable CNG station

Posted by on May 16, 2013 in Tips

First step to build reliable CNG station

When our customers ask us about the most important tip to build a solid and reliable CNG station we tell them that it all starts with properly securing your compressor and other equipment to the base. We encourage them to bolt any of the CNG fueling equipment purchased to any substantial, relatively level foundation or base !

The foundation bolts must be of sufficient length to project at least 1/2″ through the nuts to allow for proper leveling. We also suggest that our customers use MJ #1295, a vibration isolation material between the compressor skid and the foundation. This material is available in 30″ X 30′ rolls.

Also, make sure that the unit is positioned so the beltwheel is facing a fresh air source and allow for at least 36 inches between the compressor and any walls or obstruction. This not only helps air circulation but also makes it easier to access the unit for maintenance.

The compressor package needs to be properly leveled and securely bolted to the foundation to avoid any vibration. Go ahead and use shims to level if needed.