Compete CNG station for sale FL

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Compete CNG station for sale FL

You are looking at a complete CNG station for sale in FL that has lots of storage vessels and a complete CNG equipment package to fuel a large fleet of small to medium-duty vehicles. The location of the station is in Fort Pierce, Florida and this can be purchased as a complete project where you own and operate it as a station or equipment option only.

The station equipment collaboration has never been finalized to become fully operational and the project is currently in need of some (to be believed) minor upgrades to become fully functioning.  The reason provided for the station wasn’t fully operational: Station needed new PLC.

The station consist of the following components:

30 cylinder CNG storage bottles

3 spheres CNG storage

2 double-sided Bennet dispensers

1 250 HP Aspro

1 Comdata POS Smartsite HX Controller System

1 CNG Electrical Room



250 HP Aspro Rebuilt

Comdata POS Smartsite HX Controller System

POS system new never used as in station was never running due to PLC Issues

CNG electrical room

CNG Electrical room houses PLC and POS systems


Please contact us with any questions about this CNG station for sale. We would like to sell this station as a complete set of equipment but we will entertain the idea of selling equipment partially as long as the purchase request for a substantial part of the station and not for an individual item.


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