CNG station for sale as a business or CNG equipment only

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CNG station for sale as a business or CNG equipment only

If you want to invest in a CNG station for sale, buy your own CNG fueling station, or need a complete set of equipment for your CNG station this option can be good for you. CNG Center is assisting a client with selling a stand-alone unmanned, 1 double-sided dispenser, fast-fill 3600 PSI truck accessible CNG fueling station.

For sale as a business or equipment only stand-alone, unmanned, 1 double-side dispenser, fast-fill, truck-accessible CNG fueling station designed to provide up to 6 gallons per minute from storage and 1.5 gallons per minute
on a direct fill- on 2 X 40 HP Universal Air compressors (URGT120-50NG /C3). The compressors are set for 20 psi inlet pressure. The station is equipped with 6 CNG spheres providing close to 490 GGE of storage. Station has an additional Fuelmaster Pay System and Dispenser.

This CNG station was constructed in 2015 and is located on-site of a diesel truck fueling station. There is plenty of room (0.5 Acres) allowing 18-wheelers, trash trucks, and large busses to fuel with no problem.

It will come with all equipment schematics, maintenance records, and engineering plans. A full support document package is available.
Remote operational monitoring is available

There were some of the improvements that has been done to the station recently to optimize its performance?
– Overhaul of Compressors
– OEM maintenance schedule
– Extended hoses for the ability of two refuse trucks fueling at the same time

LOCATION: Southeast Florida Cost, USA

Please contact us for pricing and additional information regarding the CNG filling Station for Sale as an investment opportunity or complete CNG filling equipment purchase.

Many aspects of a CNG vehicle and fueling infrastructure project combine to determine overall profitability. We can provide everything needed to make an informed decision to a prequalified interested party. More equipment details, last 3-year sales, number of customers, operating cost, annual site traffic, operating and maintenance costs, local market analysis, all partners and suppliers, additional pictures, etc.

$235,000 OBO


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