Complete 400 SCFM (3.4 GGE a minute) CNG station equipment

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Complete 400 SCFM (3.4 GGE a minute) CNG station equipment

5-stages Flow rate 400 SCFM 6-30psi to 4500 psi. Dryer, 3-pack CNG storage, dispenser…
You are looking at a complete CNG station equipment package that would connect to a low-pressure line (inlet 6-30psi) and use a 5-stage CNG compressor to produce a flow rate of up to 400scfm (3.4 GGE a minute) of up to 4500 psi. The compressor is in good working order with no known issues. It was a part of the small CNG station that has been in service until June 2020. Service records are available with the last maintenance done in 2020. Remove because CNG Program was discontinued.

This entire CNG station equipment set up would be great for your CNG / RNG project allowing you to implement a proven solution for 20 cents on a dollar. We can assist with equipment transportation and installation. Presale inspections are welcomed.


Station Type

Fast-fill CNG station equipment
Greenfield compressor, self-contained, enclosed, sound-attenuated.

Install Date / Hours

Manufactured in 2002

Currently has 2,238 hrs


Suction Pressure: Min. 6 psi Max. 30 psi

Automatic inlet shutoff valve located inside compressor skid.

Gas Dryer

XEBEC Model #STR30NGX-3-AUTODEW. Equipped with pre and post filters, self-regeneration capability.


2002 Greenfield (Atlas Copco) CNG Compressor Model:  C5T233 Model with only 2,238 hrs. Great working condition, well-kept and maintained until its removal in November 2020. Removed due to CNG program closure.

With 400 SCF per minute flow rate rating this compressor would be the perfect solution for low inlet pressure / high flow projects. Great for your next RNG or CNG fueling station development.

More details

Self-contained, enclosed, sound-attenuated.

Greenfield Compression Model #C5T 223 GPC, 5 stages

Design Capacity: 400 scfm

Operating Speed: 1350 rpm

Output: 4500 psi

Dimensions:  19ft X 7ft 6” X 11ft 8.5”

Location: Dallas

More details available upon request. Please call us with any questions at 1-800-909-4403. Come see the equipment in person in our Dallas Facility. We can help arrange all required shipping arrangements.

Prime Mover

Siemens Prime Mover electric motor, 250 HP, soft start, 3 phase, 460 volts

Explosion-proof, Model #PE-21 Plus

Operating speed: 1785 rpm

Fuel Storage

3-pack ASME rated to 5437 psi. All PRDs are up to date and recertified in 2019. ( good until 2022)

High, mid, low 3 ASME cylinders, 11,000 cubic feet per cylinder. Total capacity 33,000 cubic feet at 4500 PSIG.

Pressure relief valves on all cylinders Anderson Greenwood, Part #83CM68-6. 5471, set pressure-relieving capacity 9926 CFM. ¾” inlet and 1” outlet.

Station Controls

Greenfield Compression Controls. Located in Control Room, Motor Control Center.


One remote Gilbarco Greenfield dispenser.

Two 3600 psig hoses, one MicroMotion Mars flow meter per hose.

Activated by Auto Gas System, data collection.


ESD (emergency shut down) and trouble code alarm go to AVSG/CUC via Sensophone dialup

ESD (emergency shut down buttons) when an activated report to National Grid Gas Control located in Northborough.

Two ESD (emergency shutdown buttons):

One ESD located outside of the control building 13 feet from the compressor.

One ESD is located on the dispenser canopy column.

In addition, the fire alarm and gas detection alarm are transmitted to Gas

LOCATION: Dallas, Texas, USA

Please contact us for pricing and additional information regarding the CNG station equipment for CNG filling Station for Sale equipment purchase.

$355,000 OBO

PICTURES: CNG station equipment 

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