CNG in a boxGE’s cutting edge CNG In A Box technology offers up to 7.5 GGE a minute as a result of more than a hundred years of GE advanced engineering and technology expertise from across its portfolio.

At the heart of this innovative technology is GE’s high-speed reciprocating (HSR) compressor. This class-leading technology provides fueling station owners with the fastest refueling rate available for natural gas vehicles.

When you combine GE’s world-class compressor technology with GE Wayne’s innovative dispenser technology, with an available credit card reader, and a Remote Utility Box, you have the world’s most innovative solution for alternative fueling.

Features & Benefits

    GE High-speed reciprocating compressor: With capabilities up to 400 Horse-Power you can fuel up faster and keep moving!
    GE Wayne Fuel Dispenser: Engineered for high and standard flow capabilities, with optional POS and credit card capabilities
    Optimized Support: Full-service support, from start-up and commissioning to 24/7 emergency response and technical support, to rapid parts availability

Key design features:

Proven field technology for high strength and longer life – operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Balanced opposed design minimizes vibration by equalizing the opposing reciprocating forces on the crankshaft

Flexible cylinder configurations for field replicable cylinder solutions to maximize suction pressure inputs to system for increased efficiency

Patented roller bearing technology to accommodate fluctuations in inlet gas pressures and temperatures.

Technical Specifications of CNG In A Box

Plug-and-play design to facilitate easy and minimal installation

Designed to industry standards and codes for safety and reliability

Flow up to 7.5 gallons of gasoline equivalent per minute

20-foot ISO container that houses: Inlet gas-drying system, 400 HP four-stage compressor and drive motor, Gas cooler, User-friendly station control system, Cascade buffer system

Standard remote power panel that: Manages electrical power (800 amp, 460 volt, 3-phase, 60 HZ) Houses UPS for power outages, Features a motor soft starter

Unit configured and designed to: Operate from -4°F to 110°F ambient temperature, Manage a wide range of suction pressures and temperatures with a 4,700 PSIG discharge pressure

Inlet gas dryer and controls inside the container include a digital dew point meter, indicator and alarm

Three ASME buffer vessels feature a: Cascade priority system,  Integration into the container for minimized footprint, Slow-and-fast-fill options

Equipped with access doors, removable panels, ventilation and a safety shut- down system

Sound levels less than 80 dBa at 10 feet

One dual-hose, light-duty dispenser with credit card reader included

Low ambient temperature, spare partplan, remote monitoring and other items available as options

Main Component of CNG In A Box :

HighSpeedReciprocatingCompressor_HSRHigh Speed Reciprocating Compressor (HSR)

GE’s HSR compressors are the machine of choice for natural gas applications – from field gas gathering to fuel gas boosting to gas storage. Our compressors also provide solutions for refinery, petrochemical, and offshore applications. Our unmatched flexibility ensures the right fit for your application now and for changing application conditions.


Install a CNG In A Box system and instantly access new revenue streams

The CNG In A Box system drives new customers right to your pumps. You get a high-margin fuel that puts you at the forefront of a fueling revolution, and your customers get the less expensive, more reliable fuel they demand.

GE’s plug-and-play units tie into existing natural gas utility lines, so the latest addition to your fueling menu can be up and running in no time. We can even assist you with financing.

To add a CNG In A Box system to your location, please email us at or call 1-800-909-4403