CNG Station Financing

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CNG Station Financing

Finding CNG station financing is challenging due to:

1) Relatively new Natural Gas Fueling Station industry development stage
2) Difficulties in finding enough CNG commitments (load) on monthly basis to cover debt service
3) Determining the true cash flow of the business
4) Most lenders are looking for borrowers with prior experience operating CNG gas stations.

cng station financing

cng station financing

It is important to seek assistance from a lender who is experienced in funding CNG gas stations, understands the specifics of this business and has a strong track record. It is also advantageous to work with someone who has prior experience operating CNG fueling stations and knows the industry.

CNG Station financing and CNG equipment leasing are attractive options for customers who want to realize fast returns on their investment in CNG sales and/or CNG vehicles operation. By focusing on building a fueling commitments or vehicle deployment and finding a partner to finance or invest in a station to serve your fleet you minimize your financial exposure and spread the risk. You can start saving on fuel costs right away, to create the beneficial financial returns that come with using CNG fuel.

CNGCenter have a network of lenders that are seasoned in financing CNG fueling stations and can develop the right loan package for your needs. Whether you are looking to acquire a CNG station, refinance, or construct a new site, we can assist you with finding financing that meets your needs. Based on your project needs, geographical location, capital requirements and etc, CNG Center can refer you to one of our financial partners ranging from small local privately owned bank to large worldwide recognized financial institution.

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Please contact us with more information about your CNG Station Financing needs and we will be glad to introduce you to lenders that will help to finance CNG equipment and CNG station development.

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